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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Illinois to Tennessee - Finally! {Part 4 of Our Cross Country Move}

After a LONG drive through South Dakota we decided to stop and site see in Chicago.  I had been before but my girlfriend hadn't (and let's be honest she really wanted to try some Chicago style pizza!).  

Going from driving through fields to driving in the city was a little bit of an adjustment and we didn't really have a plan of what we wanted to see.  I knew that the waterfront was pretty and I wanted to take her to see the Bean in the park so that's where we started:

Funny story about this park:  We were walking through the park towards the fountain and there was a group of kids - it looked like a YMCA group - and all of a sudden one kid looks at us with pure terror on his face and screams "it's a lion!" at the top of his lungs.  So everyone in the park turns to look at us... apparently kids in the city don't see dogs very often!

The pizza that my girlfriend had been talking about for days weeks - it was really good but so much cheese!

The beach through the car window - the parks in Chicago don't allow dogs (we learned that because we got kicked out!)

After a long and kinda stressful day of getting lost, I mean, driving around Chicago, we were very excited to see this sign:

Our plan for the trip was to try as many local/famous restaurants as we could.  So on our drive through Indiana I looked up places that might be good for dinner.  I stumbled across a little gem that had been featured on "Man vs Food" called Bub's Burgers and Ice Cream.  

We love Man vs. Food so we decided to give it a try!  They are famous for their "Big Ugly" burger which weighs a pound after it's cooked!  They have pictures covering all of the walls of people who have eaten one (or more!) of these giant burgers.  We didn't even try to attempt that but their normal sized burgers are delicious!  

The restaurant is in a small town just outside of Indianapolis called Carmel and it is the cutest town!  

I was so sad that this bakery was closed - it looks exactly how I want my bakery to look one day!  Plus I love the name (I have an Auntie Em who is amazing!).  If we ever are up that way again we will definitely stop here again!

Last day of the trip and this poor pup is ready to get out of the car!  She was so good the entire time!

Coffee!  Ok this Seattle girl was having some major coffee withdrawals - it had almost been a week without anything but hotel coffee and let's be honest that doesn't count.  We couldn't find a Starbucks so we decided when in Rome (or when in Kentucky, drink as the Kentuckians).  Let's just say I have some adjusting to do! 

Of course during the last few hours of the trip we got so lost!  Kentucky highways are a little confusing! 

Last little way of the trip - we are only a few miles away from our new home!

Ok y'all that's it we finally made it to our new home!  Overall the trip was not as nearly as bad as we were expecting.  We actually took about two days longer than we were planning but all of the sites that we got to see were worth it plus there was no stressful rushing!

Read about the rest of our cross country trip:

I will also keep you updated on how we are adapting to Southern living! 

Until next time, 

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