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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Quick Trip to Mount Rushmore {Part Three of Our Cross Country Move}

After Yellowstone we made our way through South Dakota to Mount Rushmore.

We had to stop in Sturgis just to check it out.  We were there about a week before the big bike rally but people were already starting to show up.  Actually our entire trip we saw lots of motorcycles - we assumed they were all headed to Sturgis.

After learning from Yellowstone, we looked up to see if we could take our pup with us into Mount Rushmore - no dogs allowed.   Time for Plan B... We actually really didn't have a plan B we just kept following the signs for Mount Rushmore hoping to catch a glimpse.  And boy did we get lucky!  Note to anybody who A) has pets with them, B) doesn't have time to stop but really wants to see Mount Rushmore, or C) doesn't wanna pay to park - check this out:

From the road up to the park

 There is a small pull-off on the shoulder of the road where you can see the monument perfeclty

On the other side of the hill there is a parking lot where you can pull into and see the other side of the monument (you can't see the whole thing like the other side)
In the parking lot on the other side of the monument there are some boards with quick facts about the Mount Rushmore Monument - like did you know that the original plan was to make each carving down to the President's waist but they ran out of money before they got that far.  

George Washington is HUGE - his nose is about 20 feet long!

And no offense to the rest of South Dakota but we were really ready to see something other than fields and Wall Drug signs for hours!

On to Chicago next!  

Have you followed our entire trip??  Catch up here:

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