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Monday, May 19, 2014

What's Momma Makin' - Penne Pesto Salad

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BBQ, picnic & potluck season is just around the corner,
here is an easy, delicious Penne Pesto Salad to take along

Some of the best foods in life: garlic, basil, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, pine nuts, goat cheese, garlic, balsamic vinegar and garlic…. Did I mention garlic?? 

Any time I can incorporate any or all of them in a recipe, it is sure to be a winner!

This is a recipe that was originally given to me by a good friend about 25 years or so ago.  Like all of my recipes, it has changed and evolved over the years.  As a matter of fact, this same friend and I went on a girl’s weekend away last month. Since it is tradition, I made the salad to take with us. While we were eating, she commented on how wonderful the salad was and wondered aloud where we had ever gotten the recipe… Um, it’s yours???  A sure sign we have been friends for way too long, our memories are slipping!!  Either that or I made a lot of changes to the original recipe...